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How Trauma-Informed Care Can Help Mental Health Issues


Trauma-informed care is an all-encompassing approach to mental health issues that can provide more effective and complete healing for the patient. This type of care switches the focus from asking what is wrong with the patient to asking what happened to the patient. Such a subtle language shift can drastically improve patient engagement and health outcomes. It can also lower healthcare costs and reduce the amount of care needed for the patient.

Who Benefits from Trauma-Informed Care?

Patients who have experienced any type of trauma can benefit from trauma-informed care. This approach is effective for those who have suffered physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as those who have been through childhood neglect, poverty, or have had family members with a mental health disorder.

Why is Trauma-Informed Care So Important?

Patients being treated with trauma-informed care will feel more support from their provider as they are empowered and validated regarding their experience. Trauma can increase the risk of chronic health conditions and health-risk behaviors later in life, so this type of healing is crucial for improving health outcomes for traumatized patients.

Trauma-Informed Care at Vista del Mar

At Vista del Mar Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we implement trauma-informed care into all of our acute psychiatric programs. This approach is just one of the many ways our hospital stands out as a reliable choice for inpatient care, detox and chemical dependency treatment, military support, and more.

We use trauma-informed care to better understand our patients and their whole path to recovery. Rather than treating an isolated condition, we seek to recognize the signs of trauma from the past and work to avoid any future traumatizations. Contact us to learn more about our trauma-informed care programs, or to get a free assessment.