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Professional Referral for Mental Health in Ventura, CA

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We value our partnerships and relationships within the professional community, and we appreciate the trust that you place in our hospital as a continuum of care for your patients. Mental health treatment is not an isolated form of care, and we know our patients rely on many other levels of treatment to get the medical support they need. The staff at Vista del Mar is available 24/7 to serve you and your patients’ needs.

Seamless Medical Care

Many patients have been working with another provider for weeks or even years, and we know that communication is key to creating a seamless transition when a new patient comes in for a visit. For this reason, we work hard to give providers all of the information for a professional referral for mental health in Ventura, CA. Our structured and thorough adult inpatient programs give your patients the highest quality mental health care.

Please Call Now

If you’re a provider wanting to discuss the needs of your patient, contact us today. We’re eager to extend our mental health treatment to your patient, and thank you for choosing us to offer our support. Please be ready with your patient’s name, demographic information, symptoms, and insurance information to speed up any professional referral for mental health in Ventura, CA.

Contact us online or call 805-653-6434 today to schedule an assessment for your patient.

Medical Exclusionary Criteria

Note that each admission to our hospital is handled on a case-by-case basis. We aim to serve as many people as possible at Vista del Mar Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, but sometimes a patient is not the right fit for our healthcare setting. Please contact our 24-hour Patient Services Department if you have any questions regarding possible exclusions for admission.