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Teen Depression and How a Partial Hospitalization Program Can Help

August 31, 2023 Posted in: News Release

Depression is an emotional and psychological battle that many teenagers face. Navigating the often-turbulent waters of adolescence can be challenging, even more so when coupled with the heavy weight of depression.

At Vista del Mar Hospital, our mission is to guide and support teens as they find their way out of the shadows of depression and into the light of recovery.

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) can be a lifeline for teens grappling with depression. It offers them the tools they need to reclaim their joy and optimism.

Understanding Teen Depression

Navigating the teenage years can be challenging. Depression... Continue reading →

Understanding Adolescent & Teen Self-Harm and the Pathways to Healing

August 22, 2023 Posted in: News Release

Seeing a loved one, especially a child, struggle with self-harm can be scary and confusing. As parents or caregivers, it's natural to feel a rush of emotions and a desperate desire to help.

Self-harm is a complex issue. It's crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and empathy. Understanding the reasons behind self-harm and recognizing its signs are the initial steps for helping your loved one.

We’re here to guide you through understanding self-harm. Gain insight into its causes, signs, and how you can provide assistance.

What is Self-Harm?

Self-harm, also known as self-injury, is when... Continue reading →

How to Find a Mental Health Hospital Near Me

March 28, 2023 Posted in: News Release

There are several things to look for when searching to find a mental health hospital near you.  Once you know the right questions to ask, you can reach out and get help.

What to Look for in a Mental Health Hospital

As you search for a... Continue reading →

What Are the 6 Types of Anxiety Disorder?

January 23, 2023 Posted in: News Release

When someone suffers from one of the many types of anxiety, it can make living a normal life challenging. There are six types of anxiety disorders. While each of these disorders is treated in a different way, many of the treatment options overlap.

What is the Difference Between Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder?

People experience anxiety and stress during day-to-day life. In typical amounts, some anxiety is normal. When someone’s anxiety worsens over time and refuses to go away, they may suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Talking about the types of anxiety disorders is important because these disorders can lead to long-term effects. In fact, different types of anxiety... Continue reading →

6 Ways to Prioritize Your Mental Health in the New Year

January 20, 2023 Posted in: News Release

In the new year, it’s time to take charge and prioritize your mental health. From getting through the holidays to the dreary winter weather, there can be many mental health challenges leading up to this time. By learning how to prioritize mental health, you can enjoy a satisfying transition to the year ahead.

Why Do People Struggle to Prioritize Mental Health for a New Year?

People often struggle to prioritize mental health during the holidays. They get stressed out by planning parties, making holiday dinners, and shopping for presents. Plus, the financial stress caused by holiday shopping can lead to anxiety and depression.

New Year’s Day can also be a... Continue reading →

Is Substance Abuse a Mental Health Issue?

December 29, 2022 Posted in: News Release

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classifies substance use disorders as a type of mental health disorder. Over time, a substance use disorder (SUD) can impact all levels of your mental, physical, social, and emotional health.  

What is Substance Abuse?

According to the DSM, a substance use disorder is when someone has a problematic pattern of use that impairs their daily life. They may also experience distress because of their alcohol or drug use. 

Unfortunately, mental health and substance abuse are only one aspect of the problem. Before long, substance use can lead to issues with the... Continue reading →

Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues in Older Adults

December 28, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Mental health issues in older adults can happen for a variety of reasons. By learning to recognize the signs and symptoms, you can take the first step in getting the help you need.

Most Common Mental Health Issues in Older Adults

While the causes and symptoms may vary in older adults, many of the mental health conditions in older adults are the same as those in younger adults. Statistically, you are most likely to develop one of the following mental health disorders.


Because depression often occurs along with other mental health conditions in older adults, it is often overlooked. While depression is one of the most... Continue reading →

6 Ways to Alleviate Teen Back-to-School Stress and Fatigue

September 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

While going back to school can be an exciting time for kids and parents, it can also be extremely stressful. Children are more likely to experience back-to-school stress if they already suffer from a mental health disorder. By helping your child manage their stress and fatigue, you can make their back-to-school transition as relaxing and positive as possible.

What Causes Back-to-School Stress in Teens?

Teens may struggle with stress from schoolwork, friends, or social anxiety. While bullies are... Continue reading →

Warning Signs of a Mental Health Crisis and Strategies for De-escalation

September 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release


Between 32 and 50 percent of people will suffer from a mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime. Common stressors can end up triggering mental health problems in children and adults. If a mental health crisis occurs, there are a few things loved ones can do to help. 

What is a Mental Health Crisis?

A mental health crisis is a... Continue reading →

Teacher Burnout: Symptoms, Causes, and Ways to Alleviate Stress

September 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Teacher burnout can occur for a variety of reasons. Due to school shootings and violence, many teachers are dealing with more stress than before. In addition, student anxiety and stress can make teachers experience anxiety and stress as well.

If you or a loved one is experiencing the signs of teacher burnout, it is important to take time for yourself. Prevention techniques and coping mechanisms can also help improve mental health among school staff members. When teachers aren’t getting the care and support that they need from their... Continue reading →