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How to Avoid (or Overcome) Holiday Anxiety This Year

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For some, the winter holidays can be days full of wonderful celebrations and memories with loved ones. However, others experience sinking feelings of anxiety as the holiday season approaches which, if not dealt with in a healthy manner, can prevent them from truly enjoying the holidays.

If you are one of those who experiences intense feelings of anxiety when winter rolls around, know that there are steps that you can take to ensure you can enjoy the holiday season. Check out the following tips on how to avoid holiday anxiety this year.

Identify Your Feelings

The first and arguably the most important step in combating Christmas anxiety is identifying the feelings that you are experiencing. Are you nervous about certain interactions with family members? Are you experiencing social anxiety? Do you have unrealistic expectations?

Identifying the specific feelings you are experiencing will enable you to better craft a plan to deal with them in a healthy manner.

Realistic Expectations to Combat Anxiety

Many people feel that the holidays have to be the most fun days they’ve had all year. This sets up the potential for disappointment. Instead, try to envision the holidays and gatherings as any other night of the year. If you have fun, great. If not, there will be other nights that will be better.

Practice Mindfulness

This holiday season, try to practice mindfulness during each moment. Allow yourself to enjoy each holiday meal and be appreciative of every moment you have to spend time with family and friends. Showing mindfulness and gratitude is a great way to avoid holiday anxiety as it can help you keep a positive outlook.

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