Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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Our Adolescent IOP services help teenagers aged 12 to 17 address everyday struggles in a safe, afterschool-like environment. Under the program, teenagers can build coping and recovery skills while connecting with their families and a healthy support system. Teens will learn how to balance their educational, familial, and social responsibilities by processing their thoughts, emotions, and needs. With the guidance of our empathetic team of multidisciplinary professionals, patients will also learn how to identify and respond to symptoms impacting their ability to function in their daily lives.

The goal of adolescent IOP treatment is for our patients to effectively deal with crises, reduce symptoms, develop healthier behaviors, and learn effective coping and social skills.

Adolescents will work with licensed mental professionals that focus on common psychiatric disorders affecting teenagers and young adults, including depression, substance abuse, aggression, and rebellion.

Patients meets three times per week. Parents are asked to attend a one-hour weekly multi-family group to build a stronger connection and communication with their adolescents. The intensive outpatient program can last from three to eight weeks, depending on the adolescent’s needs.

What is an “intensive outpatient” program?

Vista’s “intensive outpatient” program offers a structured, supportive environment that may serve as a preventive approach to avoid hospitalization or as a continuation of treatment following hospitalization.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient program uses Evidenced Based Treatment Models:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Seeking Safety
  • Illness Management Recovery
  • Expressive Therapy

Benefits of Vista del Mar Hospital’s Adolescent IOP Program:

  • Addresses the modern struggles of young adults and teenagers
  • Serves as a preventive hospitalization treatment resource
  • Provides continuation of treatment following hospitalization
  • Assists in building tools for identifying and coping with triggers
  • Complete an in-depth evaluation and recovery treatment plan
  • Medication consultation with Psychiatrist if indicated
  • Evidence-based treatment and methodologies
  • Intensive group therapy in DBT, CBT, IMR, and “Seeking Safety” protocols
  • Receive aftercare referrals for next level of care

Learn more about our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient program by contacting us by phone: 805-653-6434.